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Well Inspection
It is important to inspect the integrity of your well and test your water on a regular basis to assess any health related concerns the water may create. The information you receive from this testing helps to keep you informed about the overall condition of your well system. It also allows you to make the proper decisions about possible well maintenance and water treatment options. The results of the testing will also help you determine if you need to call us to perform maintenance or repairs to your well.

Water Testing
The IOWA Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recommends that water tests should be done at least once per year. Tests should include tests for bacteria, nitrates and Arsenic.  Testing should be done more often if you are in an area where other wells show changes in the arsenic levels.

Some kinds of land use around the area of your well may also add the risk of additional contaminants in the water supply. For this reason you may want to test more frequently to look for changes in contaminant levels.

There are a few other times when it is important to have your well water sampled. These times include:

  • When you have your well serviced or the pump repaired
  • Anytime you have work done on your pressure system
  • Replacing a pressure tank and/or pressure switch
  • Fixing water line leaks,
  • Adding new water lines to your system
  • Adding or repairing hydrants or livestock watering devices
  • If a power outage lasts long enough for the water system to loose pressure
  • When the well has sat idle for a long period of time
  • When flood water has access to the well or areas nearby the well.

Well Chlorination & Well Shocking
If test results indicate that bacterial contamination is present, shock chlorination (disinfection) is the most widely suggested method of treatment. Shock chlorination is the one-time treatment of a strong chlorine solution into the entire water distribution system (well, pump, distribution lines).

Shock chlorination should be done when lab results indicate a presence of bacteria, after pump replacement or repair, when the distribution system has been opened for repairs or maintenance, after the well has been contaminated by flood water, or to control iron and sulfur bacteria.

Waterline & Irrigation Installation and Repair
When you need waterlines or irrigation lines installed or if you need a waterline or irrigation line repaired, Midway Well Service has the knowledge and the equipment to do the job right.

Commercial Irrigation System Installations are no problem. We offer a variety of custom irrigation solutions for commercial farming applications.

Pressure Tank Repair & Installation
Water pressure tank problems are fairly common. Most are due to corrosion. Leaks can occur in the tank or in the fittings. These can often be repaired. In other cases it is wise to replace the tank. Problems with the pressure tank can cause other more serious issues too.

A pressure tank leak can spotted rather easily. If you notice things like surging water pressure, water pump short cycling, loss of water pressure or your water pump running constantly you may have a pressure tank leak. In cases where these symptoms are present you need to call us right away to avoid further damage to the system. The solution may be as simple as a pressure tank repair or if a repair is not feasible a water pressure tank replacement may be in order.

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Well Inspection

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