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We are a full service well drilling contractor. Here is an explanation of each of our Well Drilling & Repair Services. We offer these well services to our farm, residential and community well customers.

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Well Drilling Service

Well Pump Repair & Installation

If you live outside of the city (in a rural community or out in the country) you probably have a well system that provides you with drinking water and water for everyday use. Over time your well system will need service and / or repair.

Midway Well Service is your “friend in the business” to help you keep your water running. When your water stops running our “24 Hour Emergency Service Team” we will be their quickly to get your water running again.

There are several signs that you may need a well pump repair. They are:

  1. Decreased water pressure
  2. Dirty water coming from the faucet
  3. Higher than normal electric bills (This indicates that your pump is having to run continuously to maintain water pressure)
  4. Well Pump is making strange or loud noises
  5. Air coming out of the faucet

There are several great reasons to hiring Midway Well Service to install or repair your well pump.

New Installation
When doing your new installation you can be confident that it will be done correctly the first time, done to code and with the best products available today. If you have to count on your water supply you shouldn’t trust it to anyone that isn’t up to date with current codes, regulations and product standards.

Residential well pump repair is best handled by a professional. At Midway Well Service, not only are we experienced professionals, but we are also a family that understands how important it is to keep your home in top shape in order to protect your loved ones. If your home’s well pump falls into disrepair, it isn’t just a matter of convenience, but a matter of safety and hygiene.

Our well pump repair professionals inspect, install, and repair well pumps across Eastern Iowa, including in Anamosa, IA, so if you need residential well pump repair services in the region, we will be happy to help. In fact, our 24-hour emergency service team is prepared to offer you well pump repair services any time of day or night, since we know that disaster can strike at any moment.

We can also perform a well pump inspection and catch problems before they become catastrophic for your home or your family. We are certified by the Iowa State DNR.​

Typically well pump problems can be summarized in to three groups. 
- The motor refusing to start
- The motor refusing to stop
- There is a lack of water pressure

Another possible problem could be that there is an electrical issue. In this case it could require a call to the power company. In general, well pump problems that are electrical in nature can be dangerous for anyone that is not widely familiar with the equipment.

When you hire our professional service technicians to fix a problem, you can have confidence that the problem will be pinpointed and diagnosed accurately and that the problem will be fixed correctly.

If your pump and piping needs to be extracted from your well, we have the equipment to do it.

Well Drilling Service
The majority of water wells we drill are for farm, residential and community well applications. They range from a basic home drinking and service water system, to farm applications that supply livestock, to high volume systems for field irrigation and so on.

Plugging Abandoned Wells
Plugging Abandoned Wells removes the hazard of ground water contamination. When unwanted, unneeded or abandoned water wells are not properly plugged they become a pathway for contaminated runoff water to enter the drinking water aquifers.

When they become contaminated, the well owner will need to use expensive water treatment systems to make the water usable. The only other option is to construct a deeper, more costly well to tap into deeper, safe aquifers.

Contact Midway Well Service, and we’ll be more than happy evaluate your needs and give you a free estimate of the cost to plug your unwanted, unneeded or abandoned well.